Rules of visit

Rules of visit »

For the protection and tranquility of the botanical garden, the following activities are not allowed:

  • The Botanical Garden is a nature reserve of national importance, and also a scheduled monument. Its entire territory, wildlife and facilities are legally protected national values. All plants in the garden – even so-called wildflowers (violets, lilies of the valley, etc.) – are protected, and picking them, breaking off branches of shrubs and trees or collecting fruits is an illegal act (Statutory rule No. 4 of 1982, Chapter III, Section 20; Cabinet of Ministers decree MT 8/1982/IIL15/39).
  • No vehicles (including bicycles) are allowed for visitors into the garden.
  • It is not allowed to bring dogs into the garden, to go off the roads or to enter areas closed for visitors marked with a relevant sign.
  • Primary school pupils may only visit the garden with a responsible adult supervisor.
  • In order to protect wildlife and provide peace for visitors, drones cannot be used in the garden area.
  • For fire safety and other reasons, smoking is not allowed on the territory of the botanical garden.
National Botanical Garden
National Botanical Garden

Commercial activities

No entrepreneurial or commercial activities (e.g. photography or video recording for business purposes, events, trading, services, etc.) may be carried out on the territory of the National Botanical Garden without the permission of the institution. If you wish to carry out such activities at the institution, you can request further information on working days at the following contact details:

Other useful information

Items left in the garden (clothes, toys, books, etc.) are kept for 30 days. At the ticket office you can inquire about lost and found objects by calling +36/28 360-122

The greenhouses are closed on Mondays due to plant protection activities. On Mondays, plant protection activities may occur throughout the garden. Exceptions are Mondays falling on public holidays or red-letter days.