– Opening hours on public holidays,
– Opening hours on weekends and weekdays,
– Opening hours of greenhouses
The National Botanical Garden is open every day of the year. For more information, please click on the link: https://botanikuskert.hu/nyitvatartas/

– Admission fees
You can get access to tickets to the Botanical Garden by clicking on the link. Tickets are available online and on the spot. https://botanikuskert.hu/jegyarak/

– Is the ticket valid everywhere in the garden? Is the toilet paid?
Our tickets are valid for the whole area of the National Botanical Garden, e.g. the Rowan House, the greenhouses, the Carbon House and the restrooms.

– Can I buy tickets for the thematic tours for all senses on the spot?
Tickets are mainly sold in advance, because they usually sell out quickly due to high interest. Each group is designed for a maximum number of 25 visitors, therefore ticket sales stop in our webshop for more than 25 people. However, if the number of visitors does not reach the limit by the start of the walk, we will open the sale at the ticket office 1 hour before the thematic tour.

– Can dogs enter the garden on a leash, held in lap, with a muzzle, in a bag…?
It is a botanical garden embedded in a two-century-old historical garden dedicated to science, education, protection of natural and built heritage, conservation of protected plant species and genetic resources. It provides visitors with knowledge and experience that dogs and other pets can’t really appreciate, no matter how intelligent they are, but at the same time damage the high-value plant collection that is maintained with a lot of work and at a high expense and disturb non-dog-friendly visitors. The Botanical Garden is a living museum: as in other museums, dogs and other pets are not allowed here either.

– How passable are the garden roads in a wheelchair?
In the territory of the Garden there are many types of roads of various surfaces, such as: cobbled roads, paved roads, gravel-paths. These are easily accessible to wheelchair users.

– How walkable are garden roads with a pushable frame for the elderly?
In the territory of the Garden there are many types of roads of various surfaces, such as: cobbled roads, paved roads, gravel-paths. If possible, we recommend the elderly arriving with a wheelchair or walking stick that makes it easier for them to move around.

– How walkable is the garden with a stroller?
In the area of the Garden there are many types of roads of various surfaces, such as: cobbled roads, paved roads, gravel-paths. Therefore, if possible, it is better to arrive with a stroller that has got larger wheels.

– What plants are currently blooming? What attractions are there?
Every month, the National Botanical Garden shows a different face in terms of flowering.
Thus, we recommend to download the Interesting things of the month map at the link, with the help of which you can find the plants that are currently blooming.

– What kind of dining options are there in the National Botanical Garden?
There are coffee, snack and beverage vending machines in 2 places, Berkenye House and Carbon House. Behind our ticket office is the booth of Szittya Pita, which awaits visitors with its traditional, hand-kneaded dough delicacies and refreshing drinks from spring to early winter.
More information at: https://botanikuskert.hu/vendeglatas/

– Is it possible to enter the mansion?
We usually open the doors of the Mansion to visitors during certain events and performances. Apart from these occasions, all of our buildings are dedicated to research and therefore cannot be visited.

– How can I get to the National Botanical Garden? What is better to come by – train or bus?
The easiest way to get to the National Botanical Garden is by car or bus. We inform those who would choose to travel by train, that the station is located on the outskirts of the village, and it takes half an hour walk to the garden by the side of the highway, where there is unfortunately no pavement. We recommend changing for the appropriate bus in Vác.
You can find more information at our website by clicking on the link: https://botanikuskert.hu/megkozelites/
For bus departures, please contact the bus company.

– Regarding parking, do I have to pay, when do I have to pay, how much do I have to pay, where do I have to pay?
The parking lot is operated by the Municipality of Vácrátót who charges parking fee on weekends and holidays. Read more here: https://vacratot.hu/fizetos-parkolo/
Toll area is the paved parking lot in front of the National Botanical Garden and Malom street.

– Is smoking allowed in the National Botanical Garden?
Smoking is not allowed in our Botanical Garden. You can find more information in our visiting policy: https://botanikuskert.hu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/latogatasi-szabalyzat.pdf

– Is picnic allowed in the National Botanical Garden?
In the south-facing corner of the Orchid House and the Cactus House there are two larger grassy areas at your disposal, where you can settle down after a pleasant walk in the garden. In the rest of the garden, you are kindly requested to keep on the roads.

– Do I have to buy a photo ticket separately?
For visitors who want to take pictures as a hobby or to capture the excursion, it is enough just to buy the entrance ticket. Photo tickets are required when you want to do commercial photography within our Garden. E.g., maternity, family, engagement or wedding photography.
Find out more here: https://botanikuskert.hu/jegyarak/

– Does the photo ticket have a time limit?

– Do visitors arriving as a large group have to check in if they do not request a guided tour?
For groups who have not requested a guided tour, it is not necessary to check in in advance.

– Why is the Botanical Garden national?
Among public institutions, the term “national” is intended to indicate that the institution is one of the most prestigious in the country. This is the case in Hungary and worldwide (e.g. National Museum, National Theatre, National Bank). In Vácrátót, we maintain nearly 13,000 kinds of plants in the open field and in our greenhouses, making the National Botanical Garden the most species-rich scientific living plant collection and living museum in Hungary. It serves science, education, the preservation of endangered species, natural and built heritage. In addition to that, it provides experience, knowledge and recreational opportunities in a pleasant and demanding environment for more than one hundred thousand visitors every year.

– How cyclist-friendly is the garden?
Fully. We have storage for 25 bicycles, first aid kit, defibrillator, drinking water outlet, hot and cold food and drink serving unit.