Did you know that while walking through the collections of the botanical garden, among the wonderful plants, research work is carried out in the buildings on an international level? The botanical garden has been part of a research institute since the very beginning, and scientific work is also an integral part of everyday life. At one time, researchers studied only the factors determining the composition and function of plant communities – mostly from a theoretical point of view. Today, however, they deal with the most pressing ecological issues of our time on a practical level, investigating both plants and animals.

Today’s environmental challenges include, among others, climate change, habitat degradation, biodiversity loss, biological invasion, intensive agriculture and forestry and urbanisation, which have become global problems by the beginning of the 21st century. These challenges fundamentally threaten not only the natural environment, but also the well-being, the future development and even the survival of human society in its present form. Our researchers are looking for answers to these questions.