Greenhouse collection

Brief history

By the 1950’s all the greenhouses of the romantic landscape garden and their excellent collections were in ruins. The first new greenhouses were built from 1953 to 1969. The present day palm house was constructed in 1987.
Our latest building project was completed in the spring of 2009. This house provides the best conditions for cacti and succulent plants on 480 square metres being the largest one of its type in Hungary.
Heating expenses of greenhouse collections make running botanical gardens very expensive. Coal, oil, and gas were the fuels for heating in the last 60 years. By the spring of 2011 a thermal water heated system will be installed, at the same time the last stage in our greenhouse rebuilding project will be completed.


It counts more than 3000 species and varieties. There are separate greenhouses for succulents, cacti, bromelias and orchids, and there is a cold greenhouse as well. Our guests can visit the cactus and succulent house. Our palm house is temporarily closed, because of greenhouse reconstruction.
The following plant families represent themselves with a large number of taxa: Bromeliaceae, Araceae, Zingiberaceae, Cactaceae and wild collected tropical orchids.